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Dear mom,

This week has been pretty good. So this past Sunday we had a cool experience when we were at church. so after the meeting was over this guy came up to us who wasn’t a member but his whole family is and his son is on a mission, but he just hasn’t wanted to get baptized until something touched his heart and I guess that when me and my comp just sat down and talked with him but didn’t push baptism he felt touched. But we were over to his house and we asked him how he felt and he said ´like I’m going to be the next stake president or something!` Haha it was awesome! So he’s hopefully gonna get baptized this weekend that’s coming along with two other people we’ve been working with. So this Sunday should be pretty cool.

Oh also transfers were yesterday and I stayed in the same area but got a new comp. his name is Elder Oliveira Souza and he´s Brazilian so my Portuguese should get a lot better this transfer. So at the end of this transfer I will have had six months in the same area! haha this area is super good too! And the ward is really starting to get excited about missionary work. They said it’s been a while since the missionaries have baptized a lot of people so I’m pretty excited to be here for another six weeks.

Oh also yesterday I got to see Josh finally! It was pretty weird! He like he can speak Portuguese really well and has lost a bit of weight too! I attached a picture on here. He´s doing good though. I think it made us both a bit trunky to talk though haha it was pretty weird to be seeing josh in brazil and we both know how to speak a different language! Its super crazy! Haha

Anyway how is life back home? Things are going good here and I and my comp get along pretty well so far. So it should be a pretty good transfer.

Anyway I love you guys and I’m praying for you all. Let grandma Raleigh know I’m thinking about her and praying everything goes well with her surgery.



Elder Raleigh


Josh and Me

My new companion

Wednesday, August 29, 2012 8:15:00 AM Categories: Letter's Home
Elder Ian McKay Raleigh


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