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Dear mom,

The missionary work is going great here! We had 3 baptisms this Sunday! It was a pretty cool experience. You’ll have to read dads email I wrote all about it. But it would be pretty sweet if the dude I baptized became the new stake president. I think in one year I will be able to go through the temple with them. So that should be pretty sweeeeeeeet!!

That’s crazy that the Midwest lost 90% of their crops! Is it affecting the economy and stuff?

Man that’s nuts Cassandra is getting ready to enter the MTC! Let her know that it´ll be okay. Almost every normal person freaks out a little before they enter into the MTC. And when she gets there she´ll see that everyone else is feeling about the same as her. They really help there a lot with helping people to feel comfortable and not homesick. And also the MTC is just super awesome!

That’s nuts that Karen can say real words now! He’s gonna be put sentences together and stuff when I get home!

It’s crazy how much media the church is getting right now! And it’s pretty tight that the bishop got to go on the news and do a long interview! Who do you think is gonna win the election? Oh also can you figure out how to do an absentee ballet and let me know cause I’d like to vote this year.

Hope you start feeling better and have an awesome week!



Elder Raleigh


Dear dad,

This week has been pretty awesome as usual. I got a new companion and he is an awesome missionary! I think I’m gonna learn a lot from him. He´s Brazilian too so my Portuguese should improve too during this transfer. Yesterday we had 3 baptisms! So that was pretty cool. it was kinda funny though because two kids got baptized by their grandpa and there were a ton of people there so I couldn’t fit in the room with them to see the actual baptism and I guess the grandpa used his left hand instead of the right hand and the witness´s didn’t say anything and we didn’t find out till after everyone had left the room. So we asked the stake president if it mattered and he said it did so we had to call everyone back into the room and do it again haha. It was a pretty good haha.

The bishop told me yesterday that he hopes I just stay here in this area for a while cause it’s been a while since they’ve had baptisms like this. It’s weird though cause I don’t feel like I’ve been doing anything to make these baptisms happen. It seems like people just show up out of nowhere who are just ready to be baptized. This area is pretty sweet. I think I’m gonna miss it when I have to leave. It’s pretty much like home now haha.

Oh man Brazil is a way different place for sure... haha during sacrament meeting this dude stood up and called all this family up to the stand with him, whom I thought, was really weird, and then had them all bare their testimonies, and they all looked really uncomfortable. and then after they all sat down he started to bare his testimony and by the end he was kinda yelling cause he was mad that his kid went inactive and the ward didn’t do anything to save him or something. It was kinda nuts haha and then when the meeting was over the bishop stood up and said that the testimony meeting was meant for us to bare our personal testimonies about the savior and that we shouldn’t stand up as families cause it can make other people who don’t have families in the church sad and stuff... haha Brazil is a little bit more dramatic then the US sometimes for sure.

Anyway on a more happy note I get to go to the temple this week with some investigators! But I don’t actually get to go in cause I’ll be with investigators. But I guess this temple has a special room for visitors and the temple president are gonna come down and talk to them. So that should be pretty cool. We’re going with two couples. One of them just got baptized on Sunday so in a year I think I should be able to go through the temple with them as long as they stay firm which I think they will because their son is on a mission and he will be getting back around the time that they can go through together. So that’s gonna be a sweet experience! And then the other couple is married yet but when the get married there gonna get baptized. I’m pretty excited for this week.

Oh hey I’ve been wondering who´s gonna win the election? Is mitt gonna win? Haha also I think I need to start working on an absentee ballet soon. So could you look up how to do that and let me know? Thank you. I attached a file with the picture of the baptisms for this week. Can you show them to mom cause its taking forever to upload them and I don’t want to do it twice. Anyway have a good week. Let grandma know I’m praying for her that everything goes well with the surgery and stuff.



Elder Raleigh

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