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Dear Mom,

This week has been pretty sweet!! We baptized 3 people! Reginaldo, Felipe, and Anna. They were all really spiritual baptismal meetings. First we baptized Anna on Friday which also was her birthday and I got to baptize her so that was pretty cool. And after her baptism, her family set up a surprise party in the relief society room and she was super surprised and kinda started to cry a little. It was a really cool experience to see someone who has been searching their whole life and finally found the truth. Then one Sunday night we had the baptism of Felipe and Reginaldo together. They were both super ready to receive the gospel. I got to baptize Felipe so that was pretty awesome. Then after we baptized him and changed I went up and asked him how he was feeling and he said he´s never felt better in his whole life. I have a testimony of baptism and the power it has to change lives. This week has been like the climax of this last transfer cause we´ve been working our butts off to make all these baptisms go smoothly and everything worked out, but it was for sure a ton of work! haha.

So yesterday we were eating at this place the government sponsors so it’s really cheap (like 2 R$) for a whole meal. And when we got done this lady came up to us and started talking. And she is a Jew who has been searching really hard to find out where she´s from. But the thing is that she doesn’t know how she´s Jewish because her ancestors are half from Portugal and the other half are native to South America! but she told us how she´s been searching for a long time to figure out where she comes from and she had her blood tested and it was proven that she was Jewish descent! She also said that she used to be Christian but started to get doubt because of Judaism and so now she’s just very confused about who is the true God. So tonight we are going to meet her and we are going to use the book of Mormon to “convince a Jew that Jesus is The Christ!” It’s gonna be super awesome! I can’t wait!

Sounds like there´s a lot happening back home! I can’t believe that Jasmine and Mikayla are already off to college! That’s nuts! You should tell Maddi to keep looking for a new job!

Man that’s nuts how crazy the weather is these day! And sounds like the campout was fun! Haha! Dude that house is gonna be way different when I get home! It would be cool if you guys got that downstairs kitchen done though before I get home. I hope everything goes good with Grandmas surgery, I’ll been praying for her.

I love you guys and hope you have a good week this week!


Elder Raleigh



Dear Dad,

Thank you so much for the music! Music helps a lot to keep us in a good mood in general! Haha.

This week has been pretty awesome! We baptized 3 people! And I got to baptize 2 of them. My email to mom talks all about it. Also starting not this next week but the week after that p-day will begin to be on Mondays. So next week it will be Wednesday, but then the Monday after that it will be p-day. So I get one short week! Haha

Sounds like life is getting super busy! You better ask for a big raise at the end of this year or something! Haha we used that phrase ´´work smarter not harder`` a lot when I was iron working. Well at least the smarter ones did haha. There is always a smarter/easier way to do something.

I think that if you just got on my desktop and opened up iTunes and then used the search bar you could find Whitley and then just drag them off of iTunes into a separate folder. And then just put that folder on a flash drive or something to put it on your desktop and it would all be good.

Anyway life is good here and the gospel is growing and people are getting excited about missionary work in our ward! I’ll be praying for ya´ll and let grandma Raleigh know I’ll be praying for her too.



Elder Raleigh

PS, share these photos with mom. The Woman is Anna, the kid is Filipe, and the man is Reginaldo.

Anna at her baptismReginaldo and Filipe at thier baptismFilipe at his baptism

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Elder Ian McKay Raleigh


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